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DermNet is the most popular website for dermatology and skin disease information. We helped over 20 million people last year to answer the question, What’s wrong with my skin?.

The website is recommended by dermatologists everywhere as the most comprehensive and authoritative online dermatological resource in the world. 

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We work with partners to develop a tailored sponsorship opportunity to fit your marketing needs and budget. You will be recognised on our sponsors page, and your choice of ads will be displayed alongside relevant web-pages and to targeted locations. We also allow the 'take-over' (full sponsorship) of a specific page or topic.

Our sponsors are typically pharmaceutical or skin-care companies with evidence-based products or procedures in the dermatological market. We also provide sponsorship opportunities to other companies if we believe your products would be of interest to our readers. Examples of such products: medical devices, sun-protective clothing and practice management software. 

Our sponsors help DermNet to increase its effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its mission. All sponsorship revenue goes back into the DermNet New Zealand Trust.

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  • An opportunity to demonstrate your company’s commitment to and engagement with skin-disease education
  • Your message will reach hundreds of thousands of doctors and patients who are already interested in a particular skin topic and want to learn more
  • The ability to target your message to doctors, dermatologists or patients
  • Customisable advertising gives you control over your campaign, communicating to your audience in the most effective way

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In the last year, DermNet had approximately 32 million pageviews and 13 million unique visitors. Our most popular skin disease webpages were and seen by over 250,000 people each.

Our users are loyal and return often. 1/3rd of our visitors are doctors and health-care professionals. In a typical month, more than 100,000 health care professionals returned to DermNet 25 times or more.

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