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Side Effects in Dermatology

1. The book 'Side Effects in Dermatology', 2014 edition

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Published by IMP over 40 years ago under the title 'A Guide to Drug Eruptions', this handbook of dermatological data and classifications has become a well-known reference work for use by medical professionals all over the world. The new edition of SEiD is the 10th and is fully revised, comprising over 900 drugs, 300 dermatological adverse reactions and 2700 references.  This is an invaluable aid to the daily dermatology routine, ie differential diagnosis.

2. The ADRI Online Database

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The ADRI (Adverse Drug Reactions Insight) Database is an online for dermatological data as a brief reference source and serves as a good addition to the SEiD. It is available on all platforms (pc/laptop, iPhone, iPad etc). 

3. Both of the above

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A look inside Side Effects in Dermatology

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Read more about Side Effects In Dermatology [SEiD]

SIDE EFFECTS IN DERMATOLOGY [SEiD], 10th edition, 2014
152 pages, softbound, ISBN 978-90-5884-000-4

Since the introduction in 1973, this practical reference work has become the handiest compilation of the drug adverse effects literature available. A handbook highly recommended by specialists, as a brief reference source for the practicing dermatologist. It is an easy to use and invaluable aid in the daily dermatology routine i.e. differential diagnosis. Being based on the editors’ clinical experience and on the latest dermatological information available, this makes it a unique source.  

ADRI: the longstanding success, since 1973, of this handy publication based on thorough screening of literature and collecting these results in a database, led us to decide to make these dermatological data available online for pc and smart- phone through our new database Adverse Drug Reactions Insight [ADRI], using the ATC drug codes as well as the official NLM abbreviated publication names for the references. Online access to the database enables subscribers to follow the latest changes and additions in these data. Other specialisms will be added in the near future.

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THE COMBI: 1 print copy of the 10th edition of SEiD + 1 year subscription to ADRI’s Dermatology Section:
Price € 165,00 per user (incl. VAT & postage free delivery of SEiD 10th ed.).

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Read more about ADRI Database

The fundaments of the ADRI database are formed by over 40 years of experience in collecting, classifying and publishing cutaneous adverse reactions. Additional fields in medicine will be added soon. 

At this stage a subscription to ADRI opens IMP’s dermatological data on adverse side effects published since the autumn of 1973. All these data can be consulted online from all over the world. 

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