Videos about Melanoma

Author: Vanessa Ngan, Staff Writer, Chief Editor: Dr Amanda Oakley, Dermatologist, Hamilton, New Zealand; Copy Editor: Clare Morrison, October 2013. About Melanoma is sponsored by the New Zealand Dermatological Society Incorporated.

What is melanoma

What is melanoma video (Dr Tina Tian)

Melanoma in New Zealand. Facts and figures

Melanoma in New Zealand. Facts and figures video (Dr Harriet Cheng) video

Melanoma risk factors

Melanoma risk factor video (Dr Aravind Chandran)

Melanoma: the ugly duckling

Melanoma: the ugly duckling sign video (Dr Peggy Chen)

Sun protection to prevent Melanoma

Sun protection to prevent melanoma video (A/Prof Amanda Oakley)

Melanoma: MDM and MDT

Melanoma MDM and MDT video (Acrana Luo)

Melanoma follow-up

Melanoma follow-up video (Debra Yeh)

How is melanoma removed?

How is melanoma removed video (Dr Heather Le cocq)


The value of dematoscopy in the diagnosis of melanoma video (Ken Ip)

Melanoma: investigations and oncology 

Melanoma: investigations and oncology referral video (Dr Lydia Chan)

Melanoma: pathology report

The melanoma pathology report video (Dr Priyam Sobarun)

Self skin examination

Self skin examination video 

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